About Us is an e-commerce b2b domain owned by Invinovini Srl, an exporting company specialized in selection of wines from the most known Italian producing regions, in the trade of wines both with own brands and of the partecipating small, boutique wineries. The wines listed on are bottled by wineries of small-medium size, family managed, and located  in the origin area of denomination. This wineries choose portal to keep serving their on site foreign customers, once back at home.

We partner with them for their history, their link with the territory, for the quality of their products, their  honesty and integrity, and for their product availability. Production is controlled by our winemaker, to ultimately delivery, to our customers, the best quality/price offering.

The wine portfolio is made considering the just in time availability of the products, the quality consistency upon vintage change, the best quality/price ratio. objective is to spread a fine drinking attitude, based on quality and investigation more than on names follower, offering wines from almost uknown wineries, who live every day, with passion and care, their tradition on wine making and that, almost in the shadow, show love and care for their lands, their fruit, their wines as a natural family extension.

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