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Ville Valli Vini - La nobiltà nelle tradizioni

A.C.M. Accademia della Cucina Mediterranea. By Carlos Fay - Damolgraf Edition 460 pags. Italian, English, German.


"...We also wanted to reward a region that out of its universal patrimony has made a choice for its philosophy of life: one of ancient wisdom, which has taken countless businesses - especially those tied to food and wine traditions - to be highest vertexes, not only regional and national, but also worldwide. Thus in the book there are profiles of enterprises, outstanding figures and beautiful villas in their architectural-artistic reality;  of valleys with their history, peculiar gastronomy and wines; of small and great Cantine (wineries) in their rentless wine-growing evolution which, by now, is an old tradition.  Wine! There is no other product of such a noble, sublime tradition - derived by man from an earthly fruit - which better reflects the history of a people's civilization and the obstinacy of its people's character..."

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