Alessio Garuti – Lambrusco with Elegance

Thanks to Dante’s great foresight who founded the winery in 1920, the Garuti wines are produced in this strip of land ideal for this grape variety. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchilldren have welcomed and enlarged the Heritage of knowledge left by their ancestor innovating and building a project of life and business that involved the Whole family.

Dante had a great vision, though a humble sharecropper he began to dream of owning the land for his vineyards. His sons Elio and Romeo inherited the same passion for Lambrusco, this sparkling red wine typical of this land, almost unique among the Italian wine panorama.

After World War II the family invested in growing vineyards and creating the winery. Since the twenties, the company has owned and run 30 hectares of arable land and30 hectares of vineyards.Their farms Marandello, Fondo Scaletta, Ca ‘Bianca and Uccelliera are all within the area of origin designation of Lambrusco di Sorbara. Since the nineties also the vine varieties Salamino di Santa Croce, Pignoletto and recently Trebbiano di Spagna have been added and grown in the Garuti farms.

Each land has its own special feature that deserves to be cared for and recorded, to be handed down to future generations. Indeed the amount of production and the quality of the wine are meticulously recorded every year. For example Marandello farm is very different from Cà Bianca: the first has more persistent scents,,is more acid and is grown according to the Charmant method, being processed for a period of twelve / fourteen months. The second is a less aromatic land, ideal to be grown with sweet Lambrusco di Sorbara in purity.

The quality of wine is improved and enriched by preserving and enhancing the natural features of each farm.

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