Boutique Wineries, Wines and Growers. 

This is what Invinovini is all about. No industrial product in our portfolio.

Every single wine is the result of high standard selections, and winery quality assessment. Every day I supervise all the tasks required to delivery to you a reliable product such as Almadi Wines: from the production to the warehouse.

Behind Invinovini, there are more than 15 years of fair and trustful business relationships, built everyday with honesty and dedication, both with vendors and customers. I hold a certification as professional taster and many learned to trust my taste, to the extend to ask for wines not included in my portfolio. Importers from USA recognize my experience in doing business in their market,  and the need to have an immediate feedback, which allows them to have important information the same day. 

My objective is to make sure that all wines I provide to you, please you and your own customers, creating always growing opportunity. 



I funded Invinovini with the mission to be a single, reliable point of contact for my customers, whom were dealing with too many producers and consequently with too many issues to get their wines. For some of them I have been a trustful “broker”, “man on the site”, “the Italian agent”,  and many mores titles. The reality is that whatever the name I was given, I ultimately aimed to help them to find the best quality/price ratio for a given wine, providing it in an easy and convenient way.



Invinovini staff includes a highly capable winemaker. Thanks to his vast knowledge of winemaking we produce our wines using selected wineries facilities. These wines are unique in their blends and exclusive to Invinovini. Not having heavy overhead, we can offer high quality wines, with competitive advantage at convenient price.


To offer wines of quality, our selection activity starts from a careful investigation of wineries and their capability to hold quality production with high standard. Wineries partnering with us are by definition only family owned and of small production. Since we manage the export activities, they can focus exclusively on the quality of their wines.


Invinovini owns and markets brands such as Tre Fattori for wines from Piedmont, Vigneti al Poggio for wines from Tuscany, Emperors for Sicilian wines, I messapi wines from Puglia, Villa Almadi and  Almadi, a selection of well known Veneto wines produced for us by old family owned wineries with long tradition and high level of quality.


With the objective to be a reliable point of contact for importers worldwide and by pursuing the above activities, Invinovini helps to source wines from Italy conveniently, solving all the issues related to winery dealing, warehousing, bottling, and point of pickup.


Our daily activity of selection, wineries dealing and wine warehousing in one location, reduces wine importer cost: one vendor only, one point of pick up for many wines along with the benefits of our purchasing power.


Our wine portfolio lists more than 70 wines. But just in case you have a special need, we are here to make sure that you will find the best deal for every wine on demand. And you are welcome to dress it as you like it.

Italy is a great Country but logistics can be difficult sometime. Offering wines from south to north, we want make sure that you do not have multiple costs for pick ups. We located our warehouse in one of the best served place in Italy: Verona. All orders placed at Invinovini will be collected from just one location.

At Invinovini we have no secrets, our customers have always the opportunity to visit our partnering wineries and growers, to check directly where and how we produce our wines.


High quality wines across Italy, beautifully labeled, ready to be dispatched from a single convenient location. Amarone, Ripasso, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Montepulciano, Chianti, Nero d’Avola and many others for you to choose from, at fair price. Use our web site catalog for always up to date new wine additions and as your customized price list.


We do believe we can be of help for your business. If you feel the same, staying up to date can be a good way to start our collaboration.

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