Vincenzi – Two brothers and the Garda lake

Garda lake is undoubtedly one of the great attraction of Verona…and it looks like most of the tourist coming at lake know the Vincenzi winery, an old and long lasting family growers and wine business.

It is a place that I never found empty; I have always seen Fabio and his brother busy to serve customers all day long.

Consumers and wine lovers come to this winery because of the nice going attitude of the two brothers, along with the possibility to taste without limitation, all the wines available, which are lined up on a table along with a very good and spicy salame and bread.

It is like ” please come in and have an appetizer with us”-

Vincenzi produces wines from grapes native of the place which are, Fernanda, Cabernet, Corvina, Garganega, Custoza, Moscato. They also make wine with several grade of body: from a straight cabernet to a more sugar content type of wine like Amarene, a kind of amarone made out of the area.

Several sparkling, red and white, dry and sweet complete the portfolio, with the latest addition of a rose frizzante made from corvina grapes.

One thing that I have noted, is that some of the Vincenzi wines, do not have an appellation, and sometime neither the vintage. This teach me that if the wine is good customers will always be back to buy it again, regardless how you call it.

If you are around Lazise on Garda, and maybe you schedule a day at amusement park Gardaland, make sure to have some spare time to visit the winery few kilometers away. Name to look for are:

Amarene, Orfeo, Perla, Rossignola, Fernanda, Rugiada, Graticcio, Mimosa, Merum and many more. You will be pleased.

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