Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Shopping with shop4wine.it

Shop4wine.it is an Invinovini Srl trademark, the use of both names in the following documents must be considered as referring to Invinovini Srl Via Roveggia 74 - 37136 Verona - Italy


Shop4wine.it uses for deliveries a packaging material patented and certified; thanks to its special features, it guarantees the absolute integrity of product transported.

Shop4wine.it delivers the products ordered by Customer at the address indicated by Customer in the purchase process of this site. To execute the delivery name, address for delivery and billing, e-mail address and telephone number are essential. Responsible for the delivery is an international courier chosen among the one that best serve the place of delivery. Delivery generally takes place in two to four business days from payment with bank transfer haas been received, weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. You will receive an email from the courier that will tell you the taking in charge of delivery and will issue the tracking number and link to the website through which you can check the status of your shipment. The risk of delivery is under Shop4wine.it responsibility.

Shipping costs

The shipping cost is not included in the prices, the total amount, including shipping cost, will be displayed once the estimation shipping & tax tool is used. Your order will be considered finalized and processed only when payment has been received.

Prices and Tax.

Depending by the place of destination the price shown may not include the tax of that place. At the checkout it is possible to verify that. Consequently if taxes have to be applied for the country, place of destination, you have to  expect an increase as tax addition to your final payment. The prices applied are the ones indicated on the site at the moment of ordering by the customer. The prices of individual products are subject to change and, therefore, new prices supersede those previously indicated.

Accepted payment are Paypal or with bank transfer in advance.

To make the transfer the bank details are as follows:

IBAN: IT89M0503411710000000026251  BIC SWIFT BAPPIT21010


Specifications and product availability

In special circumstances, Shop4wine.it may not be able to ensure the availability of all products offered and cannot therefore be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of one or more products. Except as stipulated below (right of withdrawal) sending an order by Customer shall constitute acceptance of full or partial delivery, should some products ordered be unavailable. Shop4wine.it  will promptly notify the Customer of any unavailability of the product ordered.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to terminate the contract of purchase without penalty and without giving a reason within 10 working days from receipt of goods, by written notice to be sent to Shop4wine.it using the procedures provided on this site. The Customer must indicate the product or products for which it intends to exercise the right of withdrawal. Shop4wine.it  will at its own expenses withdraw the product or products, provided they are intact, at the terms to be agreed with the client.

Warranties and Liability

Shop4wine.it, subject to availability as covered above, guarantees that products will be delivered the same as those shown and described on the site. Shop4wine.it ensure compliance with all rules regarding the storage of goods until delivery to the place indicated in the order. All products sold are under Manufacturer responsibility. The Producer is also responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information given on the packaging. The images on this site are provided to Customer to facilitate recognition of the products; due to changes in packaging by the manufacturer, the picture may not exactly reflect the appearance of the product delivered. Producer is also responsible for tourism services provided.

Purchasing through this site spirits, liquor and other alcoholic products by law  is not allowed to minors. The purchase process of this site requires to the customer to digit the date of birth in order to determine the majority; in case of minors the purchase process is automatically inhibited. Shop4wine.it is not liable for purchases by minors because of incorrect or false information given by Customer regarding the customer's date of birth.

The products and services published on this site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. In particular, within the limits established by applicable law, Shop4wine.it is not liable for any inaccuracies in the information and descriptions of places, hotels, or other services and gastronomic tour of the website, information largely provided by their suppliers. All quotations and information in this site are provided for guidance only, Shop4wine.it does not guarantee their accuracy. This information can be periodically supplemented and amended.

Within the limits established by applicable law, Shop4wine.it is not liable in any way for any purpose in relation to the suitability of the information, products and services contained in the website and the presence or supply of goods or services on the Website does not constitute any guarantee or recommendation of such services by Shop4wine.it. Shop4wine.it observe ordinary diligence in the provision of services contained in the website.

With the exception of Invinovini Srl, producers and suppliers of wine and tourist services are independent companies and they are not representatives, agents, partners or employees of Shop4wine.it or Invinovini Srl. Shop4wine.it is not liable for any actions, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of those suppliers or injury , death, property damage or other damages or expenses resulting therefore. Shop4wine.it is not liable in any way, and will not reimburse in relation to cancellations, strikes, force majeure or other causes beyond its direct control. Shop4wine.it will not be liable under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages, arising from the Customer  use of this website. This is without any prejudice to the rights of the client as a consumer, as provided by law.

Copyright and Trademarks

Shop4wine.it is a registered trademark owned by Invinovini Srl. Other products and brands of products or companies mentioned in this site may be trademarks of their respective owners. The images and trademarks on this site are presented solely to be viewed and may be cover by copyright.

Disputes and applicable law
Civil disputes related to the application, execution and interpretation of the contract of online sale are subject to Italian jurisdiction and will be judged by the Court of Verona since the contract will be concluded with the acceptance by Invinovini Srl. The online sales at Shop4wine.it are regulated by Italian law and, although not expressly provided for, the rules of law.

Unfair terms

When order is shipped, Customer explicitly accepts the restrictive clauses concerning the place of jurisdiction, warranties, delivery and prices.